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Our founder has been making Orthotics and Prosthetic limbs since they first immigrated to the United States in 1979. During this time, he had a vision. That vision is to one day open his own business, doing what he had grown to love, not only a business but also a means to help others.

This vision became a reality in 2005 when our founder and his family opened Dimension Prosthetics and Orthotics. DPO is a central fab that is able to offer both Prosthetic and Orthotic systems. What makes DPO special is our attention to detail which comes from decades of experience and dedication to detail.


Our goal at Dimension is to become a one stop shop, to provide custom-fabricate prostheses and orthoses systems that are appropriate to the needs of each individual patient. We will also create cost-effective systems using time-tested materials and components.

We also have a recycling program that takes used parts and components to Vietnam and match them to people who otherwise can’t afford them. Aside from our recycling program, we were able to donate over fifty legs to veterans and underprivileged people in Vietnam. Our goal is to continue to provide others a means to help themselves and to help them reconnect to the world, a means to be mobile.

To provide customers with the highest level of care where we can be proud of the integrity and craftsmanship of each product we produce and offer.



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